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Jen NewmanJen Newman
00:07 17 Aug 23
I am grateful I put my son in this school. The staff and directors were very attentive if I had a concern or questions. Also, they helped my son meet his needs holistically. He was able to make friends and develop his communication skills . I would recommend this school to anyone. My only issue (this is on me, not the school) is the distance. The commute was hard so I transferred him to a prek program closer. Thank you for all you have done HCA.
Audrey Dawn SartinAudrey Dawn Sartin
16:48 27 May 23
Our child has had a wonderful Pre-K year at the Henderson Christian Academy and in the Nevada Ready Program. She has blossomed socially, gained a broader understanding of the natural world, various cultures, society and has learned a variety of communication and problem-solving skills. She has gained confidence, healthy habits and how to work well with others. The teachers and aides are very kind, highly-qualified and well-staffed. The classrooms are full of playful, educational tools where the children learn daily through fun art projects and engaging story time. We are very grateful and pleased with our experience here. A very special thanks to Ms. May, Ms. Pam, Ms. Stephanie and all of the warm and helpful staff at HCA.
05:18 09 Sep 20
This place is fine, although it has its downsides it’s overall good. But I can’t recommend it when there are schools like David M. Cox right across the street.
yakary ruvalcabayakary ruvalcaba
00:51 26 Jun 19
Kay AllenKay Allen
01:50 06 Feb 19
I enrolled my 2 year old son into Henderson Christian Academy in October. Prior to attending this program he had not been in school. The sole reason that I enrolled him was based on my feeling that he was delayed in speech from being at home. I do not feel as if the school did anything to work with my child on an individual level. In addition, they would call me complaining of things such as my child not wanting to take a nap. When I sat in the class it was brought to my attention that music is played during nap time and there are also lights on which again may not work for all children. During the time that I sat in the class I also witnessed children climbing and hanging off trees, and even children hitting one another. This confused me because the school had been calling me complaining about petty things for 3 days. In addition, the teacher has her daughter In the class and whenever I would go to the school her attention was focused on her own child. Lastly, there is a bunch of racism at the school. As I’m pregnant with twins I would park in one of the two handicap parking spots in front of the school for convenience. On three different occasions I was confronted by parents complaining of my not having a handicap sticker although there was a park available for them. I stopped parking there for that reason. I began to pay attention to the cars parking in the same spots and noticed that nothing was being said to the white Parents parking in the same spots. I don’t recommend this school, it may be a good fit for kids who have been in school since birth, but it was not a good fit for my child and his needs.
Renay McCabeRenay McCabe
19:19 27 Nov 18
Before HCA, we had tried one other day care facility and we had so many problems. We were so unhappy and after visiting several others before finding HCA, I was very nervous about enrolling her anywhere. I just couldn't find any place that made me feel comfortable enough. When I visited HCA, it was so different. I felt welcome and like we were already part of a family. I stayed for a while in the infant room, talked with the teachers, and I knew this was the place I could trust to give my daughter the best care. My daughter has now been attending HCA for a little over a year and I am so glad I found them. I love everyone there and more importantly, she loves everyone there! My son was also attending the preschool program for a short period from Spring through Summer this year and everyone was so great with him too. Teachers and front office staff are helpful, accommodating, and communicate well. My son had some special needs and they were great with him and always communicated with me about is care as needed. My review is definitely over due, but well deserved. I would definitely recommend HCA to anyone looking for a clean, happy, welcoming environment that will give great care to your littles!
Diana SchmittDiana Schmitt
16:52 19 Oct 16
My daughter has been enrolled in Henderson Christian Academy. I love this school for so many reasons. First it is so close to my home. Second, my daughter loves the outdoor play area, she has so much fun playing with the chalk, the equipment and the other little boys and girls. She makes so many best friends at school and often will not want to come home because she is having so much fun. My daughter learns so much at the school also, she comes home singing christian songs and her ABC's. Her imaginative play has also increased. I have gone to other daycares/schools but this is the only one were I feel my daughter is safe and happy. The inclusion of hot meals during the day has been a blessing. Now I do not have to worry to pack her lunch. Finally did I mention the uniforms are cute?
julie siffordjulie sifford
18:01 23 Sep 14
My husband and I couldn't be more happy about our decision to enroll our 11 week old daughter in Henderson Christian Academy. Everyone from the administrators to the teachers have been so wonderful and caring to our daughter as well as to us. We are confident that she is loved, getting wonderful care, lots of activity and teaching/learning each day. Thank you to Mrs. Fabro, Mrs. Kennedy and the entire staff for making my return to work as easy an adjustment as possible!